The “Promises Office”

Post-Election Pondering Now the dust has settled for almost a week ... This is a rare deviation from the usual gardens and wildlife topics, but I hope I can interest you during this post-election period in a couple of non-partisan observations on how the process of electing governments might be improved next time around. [...]

2019-10-25T11:37:25-04:00Sunday, October 27, 2019|

Walking around the Town

I realised today, walking around our town (Baie-D'Urfé) that we really have come a long way from the northern council housing estate in England that I left for college about 49 years ago ... for those who have not yet visited us (do come) here are some fairly typical views of the town about an hour [...]

2015-11-03T15:52:00-05:00Tuesday, November 3, 2015|

A Grand Day Out

The sun shone today and we decided to have a cultural day downtown and visit the Montreal Musée des Beaux Arts ( see the wonderful exhibition currently showing there under the title of "Marvels and Mirages of Orientalism: From Spain to Morocco, Benjamin-Constant in His Time" ... and well worth the effort it was too. Click here [...]

2015-04-30T17:22:47-04:00Thursday, April 30, 2015|

Christmas Eve

After a really nasty weather-weekend, we are just thankful that the worst of the storm passed to the south of us and we don't live anywhere near electricity-free Toronto this Christmas. Today, Christmas Eve it is a beautiful, bright, sunny -15C and the garden looks gorgeous. All's well with the world ... Sunrise [...]

2013-12-24T11:10:05-05:00Tuesday, December 24, 2013|

Inauguration of the AKR

A couple of years ago, Bird Protection Quebec (whose president is guess who?) contributed $300,000 to help the Nature Conservancy of Canada acquire a vast tract of land in the hills north of Montreal between Piedmont and Prévost. Today, the government finally signed off on the designation of this land as a recognised nature reserve [...]

2013-01-31T17:58:00-05:00Thursday, January 31, 2013|

Waddle like a Penguin

Well, gosh, who’d have thought it?  Ice is slippery – a no brainer you would think but the last 24 hours have seen cars in ditches all over the place, closed highways from spin-outs and general grumpiness all around.  Yesterday’s freezing rain has set hard over everything.  This morning I took the recycling bin to [...]

2011-12-22T17:41:15-05:00Thursday, December 22, 2011|


No - not the Canadian Broadcasting Company but the Christmas Bird Count at Hudson which we were involved with today.  CBCs are a tradition for birders and have been running for 107 years now so the data is building up ... the Hudson one isn't that venerable but it has a good few decades behind it. Unusually [...]

2011-01-02T14:46:11-05:00Sunday, January 2, 2011|

A very busy garden ten minutes

Today has been warm but rather dull and dreary with threatening, but non-appearing, rain most of the time.  Around 17:30 we gave in and put on the garden sprinklers and within ten minutes we were overwhelmed by the influx of birds, birds and more birds.  At one point we had the following species all in [...]

2010-08-15T16:56:15-04:00Sunday, August 15, 2010|

In the garden and on the river

The gardening conditions this year continue to be very favourable towards the maintenance of plenty of flowers despite it being high summer.  Finally the humidity has gone but a pleasant mid-20s temperature is keeping everythng looking good ... though the glorious lily displays are aided, made possible even, by J's daily forays to squish lily-beetles. [...]

2010-08-01T14:54:38-04:00Sunday, August 1, 2010|

In the Garden Today

A walk around the garden this afternoon found some nice flowers in bloom ... for example the  Iris sibirica irises in general seem to be doing well this summer - Then there are the roses ... this one is Rosa rubrifolia There are a couple of climbers we have over an archway that are getting [...]

2010-06-13T16:56:26-04:00Sunday, June 13, 2010|
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