This week in the garden

May is always a time of the year when going to work is a sad necessity but an awful impediment to getting things done.  So much to do in the garden and so many birds to chase after as well.  Tomorrow will be an early morning start and hopefully a lot of excellent birds over [...]

2012-05-12T16:43:44-04:00Saturday, May 12, 2012|

Butterflies by the river

Steaming heat again and we decided to go somewhere different this weekend - not far, just along the Parc nature de Cap St-Jacques where we wandered the wooded edges of the river and caught some breezes (and hatched a plot to buy a couple of kayaks - but we'll save that for another day). Plenty [...]

2010-07-12T18:53:21-04:00Monday, July 12, 2010|

Camera shy

Back to some garden birding at last ... we were sitting by the garden window last night with glasses of Friday Night Cocktail in hand when we heard and then saw a northern Flicker perched on one of the maple trees.  A handsome bird and worthy of a photograph but they are also very sensitive [...]

2010-05-15T12:20:54-04:00Saturday, May 15, 2010|

Birds are starting to arrive

Spent a couple of hours in the Arboretum for the exercise and also because it's "my day" to take pictures for the Year in the Arboretum project today.  Glad we went ... we were supposed to have rain this morning but instead we had cooler weather with sunshine.  Ottawa - not far away - had [...]

2009-04-26T14:22:21-04:00Sunday, April 26, 2009|

Three new seasonal visitors

Today has been warm and sunny and despite the shrinking heaps of dirt snow you could almost believe that winter is over (rain forecast for tomorrow, though - don't get too excited). The garden has been busy - the Snowdrops have really come into their own and we received visits from the pre-Easter Bunny (a [...]

2009-03-28T17:14:29-04:00Saturday, March 28, 2009|
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