Dahlias and Sweat Bees

Another stunningly hot day today - +30degC in the shade and far too hot to anything but hide next to the AC outlets in the house. For all that, a circuit of the grounds at Sparroworks Hall was required just to see what was  out and about.  Painted Ladies were out and about once more, [...]

2012-08-25T16:18:12-04:00Saturday, August 25, 2012|flowers, Gardening, Insects|

This week in the garden

May is always a time of the year when going to work is a sad necessity but an awful impediment to getting things done.  So much to do in the garden and so many birds to chase after as well.  Tomorrow will be an early morning start and hopefully a lot of excellent birds over [...]

2012-05-12T16:43:44-04:00Saturday, May 12, 2012|flowers, Gardening, Insects|
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