Falling into a Warbling Week

As the weather cools down (thank goodness) the first tints of autumn are beginning to appear and many leaves are starting to look tired. We have a large bank of mixed dogwoods on the southern edge of the garden and it is full of juvenile Song Sparrows, Purple Finches, House Finches all searching for [...]

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The birds know spring is coming

This week started with the appearance of some exposed areas of grass and leaf-litter without snow - still a lot to melt away and now at the end of the week we are promised more snow. Mid-week we had a couple of days of rain and slightly above zero temperatures so that the small [...]

2017-04-01T10:43:43-04:00Friday, March 31, 2017|birds, flowers, Garden|

The Snow Retreats (slowly)

Red-breated Nuthatch Putting in a first appearance this winter in the garden was a Red-breasted Nuthatch to join the pair of White-breasted Nuthatches we have been entertained by more regularly. The RBNU are a more northern species than the WBNU and Montreal is pretty much as far south as they venture. He/she [...]

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Winter Progresses

7 January 2017 A moderately cold week to start the new year with a great dollop of heavy, wet snow followed by freezing rain in the middle of the week so that the snow cover is rather crunchy and sitting on a layer of ice. It will be doing what it is supposed to do [...]

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The benefits of a stumpery

Those who have sat through one of my several presentations about designing a garden to attract birds will have head me speak of “scruffy corners” and “stumperies” and I know that this is a the feature that I have had the most questions about afterwards from the most people. A stumpery was a victorian invention [...]

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Juvenile Waxwing

Birds are moving southwards in waves. A flurry of activity in one of our rowan trees revealed itself to be caused by a small group of juvenile Cedar Waxwings while a male juvenile White-throated Sparrow was hopping around the garden pond and a small group of them were, earlier in the day, grubbing by the [...]

2013-09-20T16:48:38-04:00Friday, September 20, 2013|Birding, birds, Garden|
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