“It’s good for the garden, though …”

Probably more photographs than words this week … but that’s what most of our readers like, so we’ll press on. After a record setting wet April (another five or six hours and we would have beaten a 75 year record for the month, but the last few drops fell in May) we still have [...]

2017-05-07T11:43:06-04:00Saturday, May 6, 2017|

The birds know spring is coming

This week started with the appearance of some exposed areas of grass and leaf-litter without snow - still a lot to melt away and now at the end of the week we are promised more snow. Mid-week we had a couple of days of rain and slightly above zero temperatures so that the small [...]

2017-04-01T10:43:43-04:00Friday, March 31, 2017|

The Snow Retreats (slowly)

Red-breated Nuthatch Putting in a first appearance this winter in the garden was a Red-breasted Nuthatch to join the pair of White-breasted Nuthatches we have been entertained by more regularly. The RBNU are a more northern species than the WBNU and Montreal is pretty much as far south as they venture. He/she [...]

2017-03-11T12:17:55-05:00Saturday, March 11, 2017|

Winter Progresses

7 January 2017 A moderately cold week to start the new year with a great dollop of heavy, wet snow followed by freezing rain in the middle of the week so that the snow cover is rather crunchy and sitting on a layer of ice. It will be doing what it is supposed to do [...]

2017-01-07T20:36:46-05:00Saturday, January 7, 2017|

Starting A New Year in the Garden (with wildlife)

New Year's Day 2017 Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbours, and let every new year find you a better man.  Benjamin Franklin … and here we are at last with edition number one of of the Gardening for Wildlife weekly(ish) Journal. If you are new here, we published a test piece [...]

2017-04-09T13:19:40-04:00Friday, December 30, 2016|

The benefits of a stumpery

Those who have sat through one of my several presentations about designing a garden to attract birds will have head me speak of “scruffy corners” and “stumperies” and I know that this is a the feature that I have had the most questions about afterwards from the most people. A stumpery was a victorian invention [...]

2013-12-01T13:28:25-05:00Sunday, December 1, 2013|

Juvenile Waxwing

Birds are moving southwards in waves. A flurry of activity in one of our rowan trees revealed itself to be caused by a small group of juvenile Cedar Waxwings while a male juvenile White-throated Sparrow was hopping around the garden pond and a small group of them were, earlier in the day, grubbing by the [...]

2013-09-20T16:48:38-04:00Friday, September 20, 2013|

Name these squirrels

Name these squirrels (Bird pictures further down - be patient) Keen followers of our postings from the garden with have gathered that a family of four junior red squirrels have emerged from a nest somewhere in our roof and are busy learning to be surviving squirrels in our garden fattening up in the process on [...]

2013-08-25T11:08:52-04:00Sunday, August 25, 2013|

Philipsburg Bird Sanctuary

We are doing a lot of renovation and upgrading work at the BPQ bird sanctuary at Philipsburg about 90 minutes drive south of here near the US border. Last weekend we were doing some trail mapping and I took the opportunity to snatch a few short video clips ... I hasten to add that these [...]

2013-07-07T12:19:22-04:00Sunday, July 7, 2013|

Carpathian tour 2013 – Birds and Flowers.

**note:  this is an abbreviated trip report for the journal, an aide memoir for us and something preliminary to share with friends.  Accordingly, illustrations are minimal and representative - a more comprehensive (but well edited - we promise)  photo gallery and hopefully the usual limited selection of 'art' photos will be appearing later for anyone [...]

2013-06-09T10:47:09-04:00Saturday, June 8, 2013|
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