Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl on the Winter Solstice We spent all of a very cold (-14C) and breezy Winter Solstice doing "our" route as part of the annual Christmas Bird Count. There were not as many birds as we usually expect - the absence of Snow Buntings was particularly badly felt as they are favourites [...]

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2017 – A Year in the Wildlife Garden

A Good Year Thus we come to the end of another year of wildlife gardening in our small suburban "nature reserve". We have enjoyed telling you, week by week, what we have done and seen and enjoyed and we know from comments received that many readers of the journal have found something to interest [...]

2017-12-30T17:09:55-05:00Saturday, December 30, 2017|

Quiet times

A quiet week in the garden with several cold nights, very cold nights to make everything keep its collective head down. Nevertheless, signs of approaching spring with birds such as the American Crows and Northern Cardinals making obvious signs of looking around for mates and nesting sites to make more American Crows and Northern [...]

2017-02-04T18:26:07-05:00Saturday, February 4, 2017|

First signs of winter

Some flurries this morning put a bit os snow on the garden and the first ice is forming on the pond. Tie for some seasonally white photographs. This snow will be gone shortly, just a foretaste of what lies ahead ... at least, it had better be gone soon as we are having a new [...]

2014-11-16T11:27:41-05:00Sunday, November 16, 2014|

New Birds

We have been hearing and occasionally seeing Carolina Wrens around the garden for some weeks now but they come and go very quickly and mostly like to skulk, scolding the world from safety (well, they are wrens). This weekend they seem to have kicked the youngsters out of the nest and told them to fend [...]

2013-08-11T16:34:33-04:00Sunday, August 11, 2013|

Spring birds

It has been a tad warmer during the days of late and gradually, very gradually, the snow is melting the basement sump pump being called into action.  This morning the first Common Grackle of the year made an appearance in the garden at one of our feeders and was followed shortly thereafter by a Red-winged [...]

2009-03-14T14:48:18-04:00Saturday, March 14, 2009|

A cold morning at the feeders

The bitterly cold snap is still continuing - and the number of birds visiting our battery of assorted feeders is increasing so much so that today they were joined, briefly, by a Red-tailed Hawk (a garden list first) who came and sat in one of the trees to seek out a snack. Because it gets [...]

2009-01-17T16:13:51-05:00Saturday, January 17, 2009|
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