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Thanksgiving 2019

Thanksgiving Sunday 2019 A lot of summer is too hot while winters, delightfully cold as they are, are too long (they'd be fine if we could just skip the month of March). Meanwhile this part of the world is famed for its glorious autumn/fall colours which are just beginning to reach their peak [...]

2019-10-13T18:25:55-04:00Sunday, October 13, 2019|

The Crepuscular Garden

Glowing at Twilight One of the pleasures of a garden like ours is that, especially at this time year when summer is sliding into autumn/fall, is sitting with a restorative drink and watching the seasonal flowers begin to positively "glow" as twilight takes over. It would be an unwanted cliché to suggest this [...]

2019-09-17T12:32:03-04:00Tuesday, September 17, 2019|

Autumn is Coming

Signs of the Season Turning Our first visit to North America was in 1987 at about this time of the year. A friend we were staying with mentioned that seeing Egrets on a lake in Minnesota was his marker that summer is nearly over while ours has become seeing Golden Rod in flower. [...]

2019-08-11T12:22:05-04:00Sunday, August 11, 2019|

Saturday lunchtime in the garden

Walking about ... Spent several hours this morning working in the town park just down the road to help with the planting of 224 new trees from some 33 different native species to enhance and extend the wooded area already there. Feeling rather stiff this afternoon I took the camera for a walk around [...]

2018-10-13T13:18:43-04:00Saturday, October 13, 2018|

Cold at Last

The week began with warnings that “winter is coming” and ended with it being here in spades. At least we had a warning and were able to spend time doing final garden winterizing. An early frost had finally killed the pansies in pots as well as a beautiful heliotrope and so the last of [...]

2017-11-11T16:56:54-05:00Saturday, November 11, 2017|

Almost too busy for gardening

“Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot” … all that and the municipal elections mean that not much has been achieved in the garden this week that is worthy of mention. There are still leaves on the trees, though thankfully they are finally starting to turn yellow and drop to the [...]

2017-11-04T15:07:13-04:00Saturday, November 4, 2017|

Lots of flowers still in bloom

Still warm and sunny this week (for the most part) - there is still at least one Cicada whining in the trees although its motor was clearly starting to run down. Remarkable the number of plants still in flower on this late date. nasturtiums, pansies, echinacea, centuria, heliotrope, rudbeckia, campanula, feverfew, catnip and a [...]

2017-10-28T17:43:51-04:00Saturday, October 28, 2017|

A Green Autumn

Despite two mornings that started with a light air frost and white roofs we have yet to have enough nighttime cold to even put a skin of ice on the bird bath and temperatures remain well above “normal”. Some leaves are falling and there are autumnal colours starting to appear here and there but [...]

2017-10-21T13:45:53-04:00Saturday, October 21, 2017|

A quiet week with late visitors

A mostly sunny and unusually warm week turning to cloud and some rain on occasion. The seed in the feeders has started to go down again due to the resumption of feeding by the usual suspects such as Blue Jays, Northern Cardinals - lots of them - Black-capped Chickadees and House Finches, the latter [...]

2017-10-14T15:34:31-04:00Saturday, October 14, 2017|

Autumn Birds – Passing Through

On the horticultural front this week we can offer simply the observation that autumn is now rapidly approaching and we are seeing the first serious colour changes in the leaves of our trees and shrubs while perennial flowers are dropping petals and standing tall with seed heads ready for the birds to eat. On [...]

2017-10-07T16:37:26-04:00Saturday, October 7, 2017|