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Summer Morning in the Arboretum

Birds, flowers, butterflies and photographs High summer is one of the very best times to go wandering in the arboretum because for the most part you have it to yourself and that means the wildlife is much closer and more easily observed. We saw birds close up today that usually stay well away from [...]

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Fleabane (Erigeron sp.) In the arboretum - huge quantities surrounding the copse. EXIF data Copyright © All images are made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada (CC BY-NC-ND 2.5 CA) License … which really just means that you are very welcome to share [...]

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Cool Summers Grow Wonderful Gardens

At the beginning of the week we became aware of the first of this summer’s Cicadas, all “sawing” away in the trees. Very much the sound of summer for us. We are being visited by juvenile Purple Finches coming to the feeder quite regularly with their parents and by themselves. We had to move [...]

2017-07-15T13:20:20-04:00Saturday, July 15, 2017|

The Great St Valentine’s Day Storm

Which is to say, the huge and deadly storm that paralysed the US but which was just another day in paradise up here where we fit winter tires to our vehicles ... A nice dump of snow made everything look shiny and new again so we did some photography up at the arboretum. Winter has [...]

2014-02-14T17:10:41-05:00Friday, February 14, 2014|

Chickadee Wrangling Workshop

Every December the "Friends of the Morgan Arboretum" hold what is loosely known as a Winter Solstice celebration, mostly intended for short people and their parents. There are games, seasonal films, craft workshops, hot chocolate and cookies and a guided walk (led by the good folk from the Sparroworks) to see if the Chickadees will [...]

2013-12-15T16:34:36-05:00Sunday, December 15, 2013|

Cold again … and the Ice-maiden

After a few "warmer days" with rain on top of the snow we are back this morning to a hard cold and a bright blue sky - just the weather for a walk in the arboretum, in fact. Along the way we met the Ice-Maiden- there has been a film crew in the arbo the [...]

2013-12-07T15:47:55-05:00Saturday, December 7, 2013|

A good birding morning

A gorgeous, sunny spring day today made better by a morning walk in the arboretum. Chris (the naturalist there) was leading it and I was along to wave the BPQ flag and carry the heavy spotting scope. Plenty of activity but the leaves are out and we had to spend lots of time listening and [...]

2013-05-18T12:00:24-04:00Saturday, May 18, 2013|

A cooler weekend

After two weeks of abnormally hot and sunny weather (for the time of year) and a garden full of stressed out plants things returned to normal today and we got cooler temperatures, some decent rain and excellent diffuse light for photography. The hot weather and the blocking weather fronts etc have held back the [...]

2017-11-21T15:30:33-05:00Saturday, May 11, 2013|

Trilliums and Owls

This is a bizarre week - outdoors the sunshine and the temperatures are more like late June than the first week of May and we are already watering less than drought tolerant plants in the garden.  Right on time though, the Devil's spawn dandelions are springing up all over the lawn and claiming hours [...]

2017-11-21T15:31:58-05:00Saturday, May 4, 2013|

BPQ Arboretum Aerobic Walking Event (with birds)

This was some of the hardest birding any of us have done.  A beautiful day, white, white snow, good company and that dead gap between the winter birds having left to go north while the early spring arrivals have not, as it were, arrived. Charming the birds out of the forest was like getting blood [...]

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