Afternoon Snack

Common Yellow Garden Spider (Argiope aurantia) About this time of year we start to enjoy the big webs and bright yellow bodies of the Yellow Garden Spider. Today we found one busily wrapping up a snack she had caught in her web ... hard to tell, but just possibly a Japanese Beetle. [...]

2020-09-24T16:38:05-04:00Saturday, August 8, 2020|1000 Species, Insects|

New Website … 1000 Species

For the last few weeks we have been posting a weekly summary of the daily 1000 Species Project posts that hitherto we have been sharing on Facebook ... This project seems to be developing a good and reliable following (at least on Facebook where there are 50 named followers and growing) and [...]

2020-04-12T07:28:10-04:00Sunday, April 12, 2020|1000 Species|

1000 Species project #30 – 36

Species #30 to #36  Dates: 29 February and 4 April 2020 We are now into the second month of the 1000 Species Project. Things are going well, though I will be pleased when spring really gets into its stride and flowers and migrating Warblers start appearing nearby. These were the "Lifeforms of the [...]

2020-04-04T16:55:23-04:00Sunday, April 5, 2020|1000 Species|

1000 Species Summary – #1-8

Species #1 to #8 Dates: 24 February and 1-7 March 2020 These are the "Lifeforms of the Day" for the past week ... they originally appeared on this Facebook page. If you would like to follow that page you will get a new species to enjoy and learn about each day until some [...]

2020-03-04T14:21:16-05:00Sunday, March 8, 2020|1000 Species|

1000 Species of Anything

1000 Species - One a Day Although I was never a train-spotter (non-Brits will want to look up the nerdish significance of that) I have rarely been able to resist keeping lists of things. In particular I have kept lists of bird species that I have seen, which will not surprise anyone who [...]

2020-03-01T12:01:47-05:00Sunday, March 1, 2020|1000 Species, wildlife|
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