Having decided to re-awaken the journal, I need material to post.  It strikes me, you readers being keen on photographs, to try to do at least a weekly photo (and maybe even daily ones if possible).

Driving along the lakeshore every morning to work with no camera and other cars pressing behind me I am always wanting to stop and enjoy the dawn light that is at its best in early to mid-winter across the river but it isn’t really possible.  This being a cold and bright weekend morning I struggled out and finally captured something of what it can be like.  These images were all taken at the end of the road within five minutes of home; not a bad place to spend your days.  The temperature was about -10C but still no snow.

As I was concentrating on trying to capture the light I had a sense that I was not alone – everything was still and quiet but I looked down to my right and found a large Husky-like dog sitting quietly beside me and also staring out over the water, obviously wondering what was out there that might be interesting.  Its owners were not far away and the dog happily trotted after them as they passed me but all this was in complete silence – nice to share the dawn with another appreciative being.

The sun breaks through at dawn across the St-Lawrence River

Far down the river lies the city of Montreal, it's that low grey line on the horizon - a nice city as cities go, but good to keep it at a distance

Ducks wake up and set off in search of breakfast - and away from the guy with the camera

Meanwhile, a few days ago in the garden (note the absence of snow) there was a meeting of avian minds:

Mourning Doves meet K'nuff