Birds, flowers, butterflies and photographs

High summer is one of the very best times to go wandering in the arboretum because for the most part you have it to yourself and that means the wildlife is much closer and more easily observed.

We saw birds close up today that usually stay well away from the crowds (and their dogs) while a big fox trotted past us with a packed lunch for the kids in its jaws – though that happened while the camera was set up for macro flower photographs !

Whenever I suggest to people that they would enjoy a mid July walk in the forest they look at me as though I’m mad and back off muttering “… but, but, mosquitoes!!”. The fact is though that on a day like this with 26C sun and heat with a slight breeze our entire morning was mosquito-free with the solitary exception of about half a down around Blossom Corner and Chalet Pruche and even they seemed to hot to bother biting.

Thumbnails below can be clicked to see pictures at full size.


A Self-Guided Walk in the Forest

Available in the autumn, a self-guided walk along the main (orange) trail of the arboretum with suggested places to stop and look around and learn something interesting about the trees and flowers and birds along the way.

Accompanied by an optional smartphone app that tells you when you are at the each of the observation spots and links to the text in the main guide. Fully illustrated. Also includes the new Canada-150 Trail. Learn more about the arboretum and its wildlife while walking in the forest.

Look out for announcements of its publication by the Sparroworks Wildlife Co.