Computer Translation … of a sort

I am more and more coming to appreciate the wilder shores of the Facebook computer language translation system … so much more fun than relying on Google to do the job. They discover brand new and unrecorded species every day.

Here is the original French :

Petit-duc maculé dans notre secteur. Longueur 22 cm
Identification “Petit hibou trapu à grosse tête et sans cou. Aigrettes pointues. Actif la nuit alors qu’il chasse les petits oiseaux et mammifères.

Google translates that reasonably accurately, thus:

Screech Owl in our area. Length 22 cm
Identification “Small, stocky owl with a large head and without a neck. Sharp crested. Active at night when hunting small birds and mammals.

And then we have Facebook … now isn’t this more fun?

Spotted Little Duke in our sector. Length 22 cm. Identification Little stunky owl with big head and no neck. Pointy Egrets. Active at night as he hunts small birds and mammals.

… and so, I have added Little Stunky Owl as well as Pointy Egret to my life list (I already had the Spotted Little Duke from a few weeks ago). If Facebook says it’s true then it must be so ?