A Project Perhaps?

We were walking near home recently, as we do every day to keep things working as they should be, and went along a short stretch of a road separated from the Autoroute 20 (that’s the very busy and noisy road to Toronto) by a dense but narrow stretch of trees on undeveloped land. It’s the end of the fall colour period and in the soft light under a grey sky the trees were really most attractive.

So, I took a few photographs and shared them on the town Facebook group where they garnered some decent attention.

I think that an occasional series of “Street Portraits” might be an interestingly enjoyable project for the months ahead and one that I may well pursue. Just a few images to try to show the flavour of some (not all) the places where our neighbours live. Maximum of six pictures per street to capture the atmosphere in a nutshell.

We shall see.

Meanwhile, this is what started me thinking:

The western end of Surrey

20 October 2020

Surrey is a long road that runs almost the full length of the town from east to west parallel to Autoroute-20. This is the short segment at the western end separated from the highway by the band of mixed trees to the north. Apart from the noise of traffic, it is a fairly quiet and peaceful residential road.