Today gave me a half day off from the conference – you can have too much of the pathologist profession at times – and I led a rapid six hour ramble through the eastern half of Stanley Park in Vancoouver.  I already knew that this was not the birdiest time to visit but it proved to be a heck of a nice place to be with or withour birds and I was in good company anyway, which is always nice.

So, the list for the day was House Sparrow, Song Sparrow, Pigeon Guillemot (yesterday a lifer, today just another bundle of feathers out in English Bay), Pelagic Cormorant, Double Crested Cormorant, Am. Crow, Canada Goose House Finch, Bald Eagles Red-winged Blackbird, BC Chickadees, Am Robin, Loon, Western Gull.  Sadly, one of the guys I was with spotted a Red-naped Sapsucker but by bthe time I got my binoculars on the tree it had retreated to the far side and I never did see what would have been another lifre. Rats.

At the northern end of the park is a lookout much frequented by trippers and large, fat, thieving, human-habituated, dalight-foraging Racoons ….. despite many signs asking people to respect the wildness of wildlife it was clear that too many people feed them.  This is not good.