Spring arrived this week around 12:30pm on the 20th, to be exact. The vernal equinox. It was also -8C that day and plenty of snow, albeit thinning snow, on the ground. The current weather forecast predicts several centimetres more snow in a week or so and a generally cold April to come.

On the other hand – three Red-winged Blackbirds visited the feeders that day, the first in the garden this year though there have been a very few seen in the general area for a week prior to spring coming. They were just passing through but those are the first spring migrants, always a happy thing.

Towards the end of the week temperatures during the day crept very slightly into positive territory – two Blue Jays had a splashy bath in the heated water bath we keep during the cold weather and later came back for more.

By the weekend, the snow had retreated enough to uncover the small group of snowdrops under the katsura tree that showed up a couple of weeks ago and then went down again under fresh snow … and surfaced and were covered again three times over. It’s hard being a snowdrop. A couple more also appeared in the front garden under the large paper birch tree. These are hardy souls that come up each year but don’t seem to multiply very extensively, still a very small group.

Looking forward to more plant information as the weeks progress form here one=wards.