Back to Canada last night, bleary eyed from a long and boring flight to find that almost all the snow had vanished while we were away and that the first spring flowers were showing in the otherwise brown garden … snowdrops are always a delight, especially as they are so hard to get established here.

… and crocuses of course:

We are always surprised at how hot the sun suddenly gets at this time of the year, because we are so much further south than the UK being the reason, so we were inappropriately over-dressed for a walk into St-Anne where we found the river almost entirely free of ice with just the odd mini-iceberg and a garden bench floating at high speed over the rapids, supervised from the railway bridge by one of the resident Ravens.

And then, on the way back, the fortieth Bigby bird was a very nice (and a little too far away to photograph with the small camera) Merlin in a tall fir tree behind a neighbouring house … and five minutes later his/her mate flew overhead. it will be nice if the choose to nest there.

And there you have it – suddenly the gardening season coincides with birding and life starts to become hectic – watch out for an increase in postings.


To finish, some images from the English trip:

An English house Sparrow (there are a few left) in an English garden

A “real” Robin

Part of the new RSPB reserve at Fenstanton/Fen Drayton

Unwanted and unloved deckchairs in a drizzly English park … and lastly:

Nelson on his column