The garden really is looking very attractive right now with soft, muted colours, lots of fresh green and a general boskiness all about.  Some workmen who were here doing useful things beyond my abilities a couple of days ago were so taken by it (as you will see from the pictures below, we do not garden in the Canadian style) that they asked if they could take pictures.

These two pictures were taken in the very early morning when there was a light mist in the air making the colours even softer …

The southerly border - rock bed and shrubbery

The native plant corner

But we have yet to talk about birds – last night we had visits from a northern Flicker (snart bird, but not uncommon) and Great Crested Flycatcher … that was nice

Northern Flicker

Great Crested Flycatcher

Finally – one reason we do well for birds, as has been said before, is having flowing water 24 hours a day.  The picture below was the result of some experimentation with exposures to try to get the water running over the fall to look as if it was actually flowing and not frozen in time.  Quite pleased with this.  The mosses really are that shade of green and hopefully will spread over the year to hide more of the black liner.

Waterfall's end