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Busy week …

This has been an exceptionally busy week for an unemployed chap (doing the tax returns for example) and so I have little on the gardening or wildlife front with which to regale you this Sunday noontime. That is not to say there have not been achievements, for example the annual Bird Protection Quebec research grants have been approved, sorted, signed off on and I have just learned that the cheques have been despatched. Tick that box off and come back again in March of next year. On the negative side of the ledger it seems that the Brexit factions in the UK Parliament have paid no attention whatsoever to all the helpful thoughts I have directed towards them. Sorry chaps, but you are on your own from here on. Sink or swim, it’s up to you now. My hands are washed of the whole thing.

But I can offer a garden photograph … you like photographs, I know. Here is the first showing of snowdrops in the garden as the last of the snow melts away. There was nothing to be seen the day before this was taken and the soil is hard and frozen so it was especially nice to find this small clump. I will do some more “artistic” snowdrop portraits in a few days, but for now it’s simply nice to see our little friends once again.

The Trail Guide – Update

Last week we introduced our newly published Trail Guide for the Morgan Arboretum. I am happy to report that it has been well received and an awful lot of copies have been downloaded byt members of the wandering public. If you missed the announcement you can find out more here and hopefully download a copy for yourselves. It’s free until 14 April.

And that is about that for the week. Please come back again next Sunday for what I hope will be a more nutritious diet from the Sparroworks.

Bonus Content:

We will be botanising again soon – this young lady was found lurking in an old family album. I have no idea who she was but I do know this picture was taken in Troutbeck near Windermere in the Lake District. If you “walk” the roads using the magic of Google Streetview the village has barely changed in well over a century. Fascinating. For what it’s worth, I think the young lady was picking her flowers about where I have marked in the second image.

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