It’s the 12th April and daffodils are starting to push up shoots but today we are having several inches of very wet and heavy snow ………. which is good as birds need to come to the feeders. Here we have a Songsparrow and an American Tree Sparrow sheltering from the cold


Yesterday evening, driving home from work, there was a largish accumulation of ducks on the river near the MacDonald campus – no place to stop and no binoculars, so home for a cup of tea and then we walked down to see what was there. Most of the birds had gone by then (of course) but there were a couple of Common Mergansers cruising by and a Mallard as well as a brown “duck” that dived as we approached ……….. after a while up it popped again and we tried to decide what it was – at a distance I hasten to add – sort of rounded and apparently viewed head on – and then it put outs paws and scratched its belly. It was actually a Muskrat sitting on a just submerged islet. Expert bird ID 101, eh?

And finally ……….. Sparroworks Control Centre with 3 of 5 computers buzzing away (and, yes, we do need five if only I could remember the reason)