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West Island Wildlife “Webzine”

An occasional webzine – which is to say a few pages that you can read as a downloadable PDF file or you can ‘flip’ though the pages in your browser. This is an experimental venture with the intention of introducing readers to the surprisingly varied wildlife and native plants to be found on the West Island of Montreal.

The latest edition can be viewed here

West Island Wildlife #2:

West Island Wildlife – copies of the available editions can be viewed at, or downloaded from, the links to the right:

Edition #2
Winter 2020/2021

West Island Wildlife #2:

Edition #1
Fall 2020

West Island Wildlife – #1

Photograph – Early Morning on the River at Baie-D’Urfé

A photograph looking downriver towards distant Montreal from the riverside in Baie-D’Urfé, Quebec.

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Birding on the West Island

The West Island of Montreal holds the largest areas of green space and forest in the region, quite extensive shoreline and is surprisingly wildlife rich. In any one year, with a little e?ort and a touch of fortune, a birder might easily see in excess of 150 species of birds on the West Island and conceivably 200 or more. Not at all bad for a well populated peri-urban and suburban part of a major city.

This guide has been written to concentrate on just the West Island plus a few immediately adjacent birding sites. The reader can print o? individual trip-specific pages as required.

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Birding in the Morgan Arboretum

A guide to the extensive trails in Canada’s largest arboretum and to the almost 200 species of birds that have been recorded there has been written for both casual visitors and novice birders as well as for experienced birders.

Many cities have more green space than does Montreal, but few have anything so close to the city centre that is on the scale of the Morgan Arboretum in which to wander and get close to the natural world.

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A Walk in the Forest

Learn as you Walk – A Self-Guided Walk on the MAIN (Orange and Canada150 (White) Trails of the MORGAN ARBORETUM with an introduction to many other trails in the forest.

Learn about the trees, flowers and wildlife you pass along the way.

Includes access to an optional free app for your smartphone that shows you when to pause and look round at the features described in this guide.

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