Time for something that isn’t about birds and birding …

Continuing the search for great ‘homebrew’ sourdough bread has now given us a pretty fine fruit bread that is going to take a lot of beating.  The outline recipe is below if anyone wants to try it out … excellent with butter and honey, of course, but wonderful with a soft goat cheese and just perfect with a spicy roast chicken, middle-eastern style.

So …

7 cups strong white (bread) flour and 1 to 2 cups wholemeal flour … no more
2 cups of sourdough starter
Three chopped apples
2 cups of raisins soaked in hot water … use the water later for mixing the dough
Half a tsp of dry yeast is optional as a helper but the sourdough does a fine job by itself.

Usual procedure – mix the dough, allow to rise to double size, being a sourdough this will take several hours, knock back and shape, bake at 400degF

Lines the inner man and makes cold days birding more bearable.