You wouldn’t think it from the temperatures, but the last few days have seen the reappearance of territorial announcements from male Northern Cardinals and today the Carolina Wrens have sung loudly and joyfully while House Sparrows are actively checking out nesting cavities. The days are noticeable longer now and while spring is not in the air it can’t be too far away.

Amongst the many visitors this weekend was a single Hoary Redpoll (first for the garden in 2006) ….. very distincitively different to the regular Common Redpolls as these photographs show:

…. in this one the Hoary is to the left and you can clearly see the pale chest and sides with almost no streaking. In this second picture the white undertail is well demonstrated:

Other species today have included Mourning Dove, Euro-Starling, House Sparrow, American Goldfinch, American crow, BC-Chickadees, Red and White-breatsed Nuthatch, DE-Juncos and House Finches. The House Sparrows, as mentioned above, are starting to search out nesting boxes – go to it, guys.