Well, he’s in the garden but this a cat thing rather than another garden entry.  Ted, like all cats we have had for a long time, does not go a-wandering tout seul.  Dangerous for him and deadly for the birds … so he has a harness and a long leash and wanders the garden where usually he wraps himself around plants and poles and chairs and squawks to be untangled.  Or he has until a couple of days ago when he realised there is a shady swing seat he can take his ease in and since then he makes a bee-line for it and settles in …

Although he’s dumb and a wuss he is a handsome chap … just look at the “intelligence” in this gaze (at this point we should insert an emoticon for ‘irony’ but I don’t believe there is one to be had – not one I would care to use, anyway, although google suggests  😛 Hmmm?  Doesn’t cut the mustard.)

Meanwhile, our cat necropolis incorporates “Molly’s Dell” which has recently acquired a rather splendid new planter to give it a focal point.  The hosta in the pot is still settling in – it will be more hosta-like and impressive as time goes on.


For some time the posts have often include 20 or more garden catalogue pictures with small thumbnails that you can click to see a full size picture – but it has been on a one picture at a time basis and ever so slightly clunky.  Well, from now on, we have new technology installed and if you click on a thumbnail you will open a full screen photo gallery which a much nicer experience.  Try it on the previous sposting’s gallery of flowers etc.