Snowy Owl on the Winter Solstice

We spent all of a very cold (-14C) and breezy Winter Solstice doing “our” route as part of the annual Christmas Bird Count. There were not as many birds as we usually expect – the absence of Snow Buntings was particularly badly felt as they are favourites that we look forward to meeting each winter.

However the light was gorgeous and after we had completed our allocated route we went off piste to seek out a beautiful Snowy Owl that a friend had told us about the day before. It wasn’t where she had seen it bout we tracked it down a bit less than a mile away sitting atop a tall, solitary tree in a field. We watched it and it watched for a good time before it flew away to a more distant tree almost beyond the reach of my lens.

This bird is an adult, almost pure white and in fine condition. Snowy Owls are simply the best 🙂

The pictures speak for themselves.

Snowy Owl atop lone tree

Checking us out

Look at those beautiful golden eyes

Watching you watching me

After a while the owl flew to the tree on the right of this view to better catch the golden light of the setting sun on the shortest day of the year