… at last!

Every year we wait for the snow to start to melt in the hope that finally a Snowdrop will appear and today was the day.  It might have been all alone and standing in inches of slush-filled water but a Snowdrop is a Snowdrop and this one was very welcome indeed.


Some spring birds too, putting on a display while I learn to use my new camera (Canon 7D with a 270 page user manual – it may take some time to learn all the options but this is a start.  Gorgeous toy.

The American Robin is a nice bird with a jolly song but I have to say that the Common Grackle who does not have a melodious song at all is a better harbinger of spring because they really do migrate and are reliably the first back.  Enjoy their colours…

American Robin


(Very) Common Grackle in both senses of the word