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We had other plans today than to return to west of St-Clet but a reliable sighting of two Short-eared Owls yesterday had us (and several other car-fulls by the look of things) out there again. Inevitably, the owls did not show themselves but the Snow Bunting roost” that had been mentioned alongside the SEOWs was just stunning.

Some kind person seems to have dumped a load of grain in a field (maybe scrapings from an old silo?) and the birds were going mad over it.

Also there were Lapland Longspurs and a group of about 20 or so American Tree Sparrows ….. but still not Horned Larks. After seeing huge numbers on December 30th they have avoided me all year so far – clearly the bogey bird of 2007. The Snow Buntings were skittish as usual, flying down to the food source and then up into the surrounding trees where they hung out like so many Christmas ornaments.

Anyway – no Short-ears but driving back we found another Snowy Owl perched on a barn roof. While trying to take pictures from the road the bird decided to chase some pigeons and flew right overhead ………. eat your heart out everyone :

A very good day indeed.