Finally – we have the first warbler of the season in the garden. A Black-throated Blue, no less was rootling about for a short spell yesterday but we have yet to see the more common species. We console ourselves with the knowledge that things are a little slow everywhere this year so doubtless it will hot up in the next week or so.

Tuesday evening we spent a couple of hours touring the arboretum looking for migrants buoyed up by the fact that plenty of interesting birds had been seen on the mountain that morning … but the most exciting finding was a loudly calling Great-crested Flycatcher and a pair of Gadwall in the remnants of a vernal pool. BPQ plan a mass viewing in Summit Park early on Sunday – let’s hope for good sightings.

Meanwhile, in matters horticultural the Magnolia is now in full and glorious bloom and this morning our Amelanchier canadensis started to open its blossom and it won’t be long before we start cutting the lawn … that is what’s left of the lawn after the raccoons and skunks have finished digging it up to find grubs.

In the arboretum yesterday evening

Ferns start to push up near the sugar shack