I know everyone out there will be beside themselves with grief at the thought that there won’t be any posts here after this one – for at least a whole week.

I am in the process of transferring the hosting for the site to another and a better company so I am not monkeying about until all is well and working as expected on their servers.  Meanwhile, I am going out to work in the garden after a nice cuppa tea.

UPDATE:  Things are going well but there are still details to be sorted out; for example my online “shop” for the occasional sales of the guides to local birding, walks in the arboretum etc that I have written needs to be rebuilt and there are some photo galleries to be reinstalled but all the essentials are present and correct.

AND ALSO: While moving stuff about the internet I am also taking the opportunity to completely rebuild https://greenbirding.ca which is henceforth the place for the “keeper” photographs – it used to have hundreds, currently it has just four. Few words, mostly pictures. Please go and have a look – the fox is especially nice.

BOOKMARK: If you have found your way here then you have worked things out, but the address of this site has changed just a little – if you had it bookmarked before please update to: https://sparroworks.ca