Outside of the photos that are posted on this blog or on FBook I have long needed a large scale gallery to share a growing collection of images. I have played around for years with assorted answers to this problem and never been really happy with the outcome … with the result that I have not made many images public, just too much work.

So, I do believe that I now have the answer in Zenfolio. I am putting the final touches to a gallery system that is remarkably sophisticated and flexible … and all the more appealing because the hosting company do most of the work and I am not faced with trying to reinvent the wheel. It will be a few days before I hand out the URL but meanwhile this is the look of the home page (at least, the look on an iPad) that visitors will see.

Brave readers of this blog can try out the beta-version at www.sparroworks.zenfolio.com should they have time to spare.