Something that is as far from birding as you can get …

Yesterday, we happened across a book on bread making (something which we do all the time – mostly by the sourdough method) written by the lady who started the wonderful Premier Moisson chain of bread shops in the Montreal area and co-written by the man who runs the in-house eating/café part of their operation.  The book is conveniently divided into bread recipes and then the many things you can eat with bread.  It’s by no means the only bread book we possess, far from it, but it’s going to be much used.


…. and so naturally,  we had to try making something and selected Petits pains vienoise au buerre which were described as being onctueuse and which proved to be even better than that.  They have a stunningly high butter content and are some of the nicest breads we have made – probably even better than croissants for breakfast and those other occasions when you need something tasty and sweet.  I missed my vocation, should have been a baker.


Time to go out and walk some of this off.