Being the Chair of the Friends of the Morgan Arboretum has its pleasures and its benefits, even a little glory on occasion, but I am also coming to realise that it also has its downside.  A few days ago I was prevailed upon to give a lead to our volunteers by doing some very visible public volunteering myself – thus I spent several rather cold hours selling Christmas trees ( a profitable venture) and making myself easy to identify from the huddled and well-wrapped masses fighting and squabbling as they searched for the perfect tree by wearing an elf-hat.   I certainly stood out from the crowd!  When you get into your sixties you frankly don’t care all that much if you look an idiot – the young ladies mostly see me these days as a rather grandfartherly figure if anything and dogs just hope I’ll have some biscuits in my pocket – I have few illusions and am no longer easily embarrassed.

I shall let this picture taken by a “friend” speak for itself …


As we near the end of 2009 and our third year of journalling (check the archives link on the left) I have been thinking about the future of this web-journal.  Fear not, avid followers of life at the Sparroworks, it shall continue but I think that while the main emphasis shall remain on our birding adventures, henceforth other topics will be allowed in and the wide world of sparroworking will be recorded for posterity in all its complex glory – after all, is that not what a journal is for?

Meanwhile, having had a year off the endeavour I am toying with trying for another Bigby next year … the graphic below is a link that will take you the site where you learn all about this splendid endeavour