Just a brief post today …

Alongside this website, for several years I also ran a second site that was just for my “best” photographs. While I was working on my book, “1001 Species: A Natural History of a Small Town” (https://1001species.ca), I let it languish unattended and unloved. The time has come to resurrect it.

You can find the photography site here: https://www.greenbirding.ca/

As you will know, I take quite a lot of photographs. Many of them go onto Facebook (I know, but that’s where most of my friends lurk) but lots of my pictures appear here in support of a comment or story that I share on this website. Some of my photographs, not surprisingly, are better than others while a few of those, I think, manage to tell a story in their own right without the need for much more than a title. So this site is primarily intended for stories or information that is usually supported by illustrations, while the greenbirding.ca site, now reappearing from the shadows, is for illustrations that pretty well speak for themselves. Not a lot of words, sometimes none.

When greenbirding.ca was previously active I would occasionally be asked “Why greenbirding.ca and not something more obviously photo-related?” Simply because websites are not cheap things to have and I already had a paid for domain that was gathering dust in the cupboard. Greenbirding is a thing that I do. So why not?

Please visit the risen from the ashes photography site and poke around a bit. Like this site, you can subscribe and thereby be notified when a new image is posted – I guarantee that your details will never be shared and you can unsubscribe at any time with a single click. There will be fewer posts than here because while the photos here support the text the ones over at greenbirding.ca have to stand on their merits as “good” photographs … so only (what I consider to be) my best and you won’t be swamped with pleas for your attention.