Lawn Care – The “LoMow” Way, a taster.

Regular followers of this journal will have heard earlier this year that we have pretty well let our lawn loose to do whatever it wants to do this summer – just a couple of mown paths through it so that we can reach the corners we need to reach … and the pond too and bird feeders.

We were trying to find a suitable word for the grassy area we have created … Meadow sprang to mind but that’s a bit grand for our small plot. How about Meadow-let or perhaps Meadowlette? No, they don’t sound right really either. A bit of diligent online thesaurus work though brought up the archaic word MEAD  from the Middle English mede, a “meadow, clearing,” going back to Old English maed. We have started work on a Mead. Presumably this is the word from which out meadow originated anyway but it’s better suited to the scale of our enterprise.

Later in the summer, we plan to write a detailed summary of how things have turned out, and the variety of plants that were down there just waiting for a chance to grow and flower and attract insects but which previously we had been cutting off before they got anywhere near their prime.

While you wait, here’s a a couple of photographs as a taster of the way things are right now.  We love it, and not just because it saves a lot of work and water on hot days.

Imagine how this would look had the foregound been the regular close-mown lawn? There are paths in this grass and it’s easy to move around but the overall effect is just more natural.