This morning we received an email from a British birder stranded in Montreal for the weekend and who had found our website ( and was seeking help with ideas for places to go birding … well, it’s very cold right now, down near the minus twenties and heaven only knows what with the windchill.  Anyway, I sent him some suggestions and bemoaned the fact that the regular winter visitors such Siskins and Redpolls were in fairly short supply on the island this year.  We have had few Siskins and no Redpolls at the garden feeders all winter, something others have been reporting too but blow me down (wiv a fevver, of course) because half an hour later there the Common Redpolls were, snacking away at the niger seeds on the deck.  Not sure if there was a Hoary Redpoll amongst the group but one at least appeaerd to be of that inclination – be nice to think so

Welcome back. guys.

Common Redpolls