On my way to work every morning I drive through a complicated intersection with flyovers lined by tall lighting poles and most days there is a Red-tailed Hawk sitting on one of them looking for a packed lunch to scuttle over the flat wasteland below netween the roads.  Recently there have been two of these fine birds perched up there and I make a point of wishing them a good day as I pass.

A couple of days ago as I was leaving work which is close to this intersection, I heard the distinctive cry of a Red-tail and looked up as one does to see where it was.  I couldn’t see anything at first despite repeated calls being heard but then a big hawk flew over the roof of the lab building and proceded to circle the car park about 20 or so feet up, it looked almost close enough to touch  though it clearly wasn’t, and then, calling all the while, it headed off towards the intersection and its regular hunting perch.

Not a bad end to a day labouring at the slide-face.