Real snow at last – not nice snow, but very pretty snow.  It’s not cold at all here at the moment with temperatures of only a balmy +/- 2degC but because of that the snow we had overnight was very wet and very heavy and very sticky so the sight we found when getting up this morning was a real “magical wonderland”.

It didn’t last – by mid-afternoon all the prettiness had dripped away but we thought it would be nice to record here a gallery of photographs of just how attractive real snow can be even if it is not “good” snow … this is especially for our friends in warmer climates who don’t get to enjoy days like this.

So, a few photographs from the garden around six this morning and then a selection from the arboretum which I visited on the way to work.  A few hardy souls walking their hyper-excited dogs (what is it with dogs and snow?) and I met Chris briefly only to be buzzed by a low flying Sharp-shinned Hawk and a small flock of Redpolls.  It would have been nice to spend more time there but duty called – next winter it will be a different story altogether!

As usual – click on the thumbnails to see the pictures in all their glory.