No birding today – no time.  Bread to bake, the pond to ‘winterise” and the annual comedy show for the neighbours while we put up the Xmas lights before it gets too cold to work with fiddly things.  Three hours the lights took – don’t ask – but (Kevin) this year they didn’t have to go up twice you’ll be pleased to hear.  That’s 40 metres of LED lights altogerther.

Feederwatch starts next weekend and the birds are already starting to gather in the garden in anticipation of being counted … let’s hope for a bumper season this winter with many rarities.

Mustn’t leave it there – congratulations America on finally coming to your senses and voting (just) for a better health care system. I have never understood what the problem is with the concept of looking after people when they are ill, universal access etc but there still seem to be some rednecks who don’t get it … case in point :  last week my aged mother over in the UK broke her hip, as people are wont to at her age.  into hospital, prosthetic hip replacement within 24 hours, already on the road to recovery and it hasn’t, and won’t, cost her a penny other than what she paid in taxes when she was younger.  Why would people object to this basic level of care?  Anyway – good news from down south, I’m pleased for them.