Yesterday (30 April 2011) was Raptor Day at Prevost, hosted by the people of CRPF who are one of the partners in the Parc des Falaises and the new Alf Kelly Nature Reserve. BPQ had a kiosk there and while we basked in the glorious weather we were constantly approached by people wanting to know more about who we are, what we do and (hopefully) how they can support us.

We offer our gratitude to all the people who came up to Prevost and helped us to manage the kiosk and interact with the public. Particular thanks are due to Patrick Asch for putting together the materials and texts for the stand the night before the event and to Marie-Helene for negotiating with the CRPF to ensure our presence there. Thanks to to Eve Belisle for presenting a lecture sponsored by BPQ on her work with the Peregrine Falcons – a full audience for that one. Patrick must also be commended for his tireless talking and proselytizing on our behalf – you can’t buy commitment like he showed.
This day proved that by reaching out to the birding public in this manner we can attract great interest and spread our message about the way our charity achieves its goals. The Peregrines are nesting on the Prevost cliffs, though you need a sharp eye or a local birder to show you where the nest is as the adults have hidden it well. A couple of people managed to get views of the Peregrines in flight, once chasing off circling Turkey Vultures.  There are some photographs of the nest site below to indicate where you should be looking should anyone wish to go up and take a look.

These cliffs form a part of the southern end of the Alf Kelly Reserve – our regular weekly field trip on June 4 will visit this land when we will be joined by a biologist from CRPF who will help us not get lost on the trails. Do put it in your diary – it’s a good bit less than an hour from Montreal and well worth the drive. After the field trip we will be going up to the original Alf K territory and erecting our new and attractive BPQ Sanctuary signs.
Thanks again everyone who gave up a day yesterday to help – we had a lot of fun.

Patrick tells a member of the public about BPQ

Patrick tells a member of the public about BPQ


Prevost station - site of the Raptor Day

Site of pergrine nest on Prevost cliffs - A

Site of Peregrine nest on Prevost cliffs - A


Site of Peregrine nest on Prevost cliffs - B