A Walk in the Forest


Learn as you Walk

A Self-Guided Walk on the MAIN (Orange and Canada150 (White) Trails of the MORGAN ARBORETUM with an introduction to many other trails in the forest.

Learn about the trees, flowers and wildlife you pass along the way.

Includes access to a free app for your smartphone that shows you when to pause and look round at the features described in this guide.

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This attractive guide introduces you to the forest and the plants and wildlife to be found in this last urban forested area in Montreal. Depending on how fast you walk and how often you stop along the way to look at trees and ?owers the walk should take between 45 minutes and a couple of hours.

There is an accompanying (optional) free smartphone app that will tell you where to stop and look around and contains a condensed version of the information in the main trail guide.

The guide suggests a walk along the Orange and Canada150 Trails that gives visitors the opportunity to learn something about the forest as well as simply to enjoy the exercise.

Just let your feet follow the trail and learn as you walk from the pages in this guide.



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