Somehow the intention to post regular updates from Budapest came to naught, simply because it turned out to be a really wonderful city with too many things to demand see that wasting time writing blog texts wasn’t something that felt important.

The conference was excellent but not something my readers will be interested in, I suspect, but Budapest itself was superb. Somehow despite the ravages of WW2 and the 40 years of communism that followed the Hungarians managed to preserve a really beautiful city on the Danube with gorgeous buildings and streets and even have the magnificent palace of the former Austro-Hungarian empire preserved. Did I say the food was good too? It was. Certainly this is a country that I would very happily return to.

I will post some pictures later once that are sorted out but I can’t do so now as I am composing this with my thumbs on an iPhone five miles over the Irish Sea, having been diverted from our expected route due to an air traffic controllers strike in France … nothing new there.

The message to take home is go to Hungary, it has much to recommend it.