As an ex-UK political junky and voter I feel an urge to comment (just for posterity) on recent events in the make-up of the British Government.  I like to think that I am able to take a disinterested and independent view of things now that I no longer live there … well, all one can say is REMEMBER THATCHER and don’t come complaining around here when it all goes belly up in a couple of years.  Cameron may come over as a new sort of Tory, all cuddly and green and bicycle-riding, but his party is the same as it ever was deep down inside and he has made Hague the Foreign Secretary – Hague, you will recall, being a particularly odious little Thatcherite toady from the past.  One hopes that economic unavoidabilities and the steadying-hand of the coalition partnership with the Libdems will cause a genuine change in the winds of conservatism, but I doubt it will last.   Not that I am suggesting my old New Labour chums were doing a very good job from what one could see, but … come on guys, what were you thinking putting the people back in power who replaced community support/spirit with individualism and the me-first culture. The Tory leopard never changes his spots.

That’s it – I have said my piece.  Back to birds and gardening.