Time for a foodie posting ………… a colleague who’s family home is just over the border in very upstate New York was telling me her plans for the weekend just past which included dropping south from civilization to take part in the family annual pie bake jamboree and of all the gallons and pails of bluets, blackberries etc etc that were waiting her attention. I mentioned the ultimate fruit combination, one of the British things I still miss (and the list is growing smaller) of blackberry and apple. “What”, she said “you mean together – in a pie?”. Hard as it is to believe, the great nation of innovators and growers of copious quantities of those two fruits, side by side, for centuries seem not to have thought of combining them.

Suffice it to note that she has returned from the great bake-in, that the combination was tried and that seemingly it better than passed muster, it is to become a standard feature of family pies for Thanksgiving from henceforth. Slowly, slowly, civilization comes to the United States.

On the bird front, a long ramble thorough the thiker and leafier parts of the arboretum yesterday found many, many interesting seasonal birds (a local birder had 57 spp here a few days ago – but he has better ears than mine) and virtually no mosquitoes. Warblers are starting to reappear as migration gets slowly under way.