A pretty much completely pictorial diary of the week’s highlights this time … and what a week, with the winter’s biggest snowstorm in the middle and ending with some very cooperative indeed birds coming to boost our contribution to the Great Backyard Bird Count.

We have shared a couple of the Carolina Wren images below on Facebook where they have proved to be star attractions – as they jolly well should be.

Enchanted Forest

Clearly not a photograph taken this week in snowy Montreal but the result of some archival meandering. This is a forest plantation on the extreme western coast of Scotland that was never harvested and now, about a century later, has been taken over by mosses and lichens and undoubtedly small folk with beards and pointy red hats. We found it by chance a couple of years ago – must return.


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We had a dump

36 hours of heavy snow dumped 40cm more on top of what we had already. Beautiful morning and healthy exercise.

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Valentine’s Day in the Snow

Ever the romantics, we took ourselves off on Valentine’s Day to fill the bird feeders at the banding station. The previous day had seen a huge dump of snow, biggest this winter. Even with snowshoes it was hard work breaking a trail.  Beautiful bright blue sky.

Carolina Wren

Can’t get enough of these little guys. This week they have started their very pleasing warbly song as well – they suspect spring is in sight even if not here yet.


Busy morning with wildlife

Saturday was not too cold (-4C) with plenty of sunshine and also it was the Great Backyard Bird Count weekend. Many of the outdoor staffers visited the deck  to be duly counted, including our friends the Carolina Wrens, several smart little Dark-eyed Juncoes and, inevitably, squirrels.