We are doing a lot of renovation and upgrading work at the BPQ bird sanctuary at Philipsburg about 90 minutes drive south of here near the US border. Last weekend we were doing some trail mapping and I took the opportunity to snatch a few short video clips … I hasten to add that these are NOT Hollywood quality, they were taken with one of my smaller cameras and were hand-held but the object really was to see what a short promotional video for the sanctuary might look like.

I am fairly encouraged as this was a quick grab-and-edit job rather than carefully scripted. If I take this further, and I would like to, then I need to go down again with tripod, HD video capable camera (we have two) and tripod with video head but it needs discussing with the BPQ marketing group first of all.

Anyway, here’s the video – hopefully it will give anyone viewing it a taste of the sanctuary on a hot day in late June. Listen to the sound of the forests and see if you can work out what birds were singing?

Note – the three stills of birds that are inserted in the 3-minute video are creative-commons images from Wikipedia and they are species you can find in the sanctuary – Cerulean Warbler, Yellow-throated Vireo and Osprey. At one point last week, looking over the lake from the top of the cliff there were a juvenile Bald Eagle and an adult Osprey circling each other over our heads. Neat.