The auto-camera captured this fun little vignette yesterday … unusual to see three such species hanging out together though clearly Robin right and Starling left are studiously ignoring the presence of each other while Robin top is fiercely telling the Blue Jay to p-off out of its pond.  Whenever anyone waxes lyrical to you about the peaceful little dickie-birds you can be sure that they have never spent time watching them.

Going off at a tangent, it’s interesting to record that a recent experiment in the further pursuit of the perfect sourdough loaf has come as close yet as we have ever been … this time, after reading up on the microbiology of the sourdough mixture (known as Breadzilla in this establishment, you will recall) we mixed the starter with only half or less of the flowr and water to make a stiffish but pourable slurry and let it ferment overnight and then added the rest of the ingredients on the morning of baking day.  Not only were we eating the loaves for lunch instead of the usual suppertime but the rise was twice what it usually is and very even.  This process needs further development.