When we came to Canada to live almost eleven years ago we travelled with a selection of winter-warmer drinks we had made back in England; plenty of the traditional Sloe-Gin but also some creations of our own including Plum-Rum and Blackberry-Whisky.

By careful husbanding of this precious stock we have eked out what we had but reckon that next winter will see it all gone. Sloes don’t grow here and blackberries are not the same, not as juicy, as in Europe so we have experimented with Blueberry-Whisky (using Canadian whisky instead of scotch) but, while OK, it isn’t really the same.

We are in search of a suitable fruit/alcohol replacement that is typically Canadian and which will warm the cockles after a long and cold day skiing, snowshoeing or birding at minus 20degC.

Anyone got any suggestions?