The keen birding people who occasionally visit this journal should not worry … despite the seeming dearth of birding-related posts here recently we have not given up on them.  On the contrary in fact but as a consequence of the time of year (birds on nests keeping heads down) and the utterly inappropriate weather this “summer” has been blessed with so far there simply have not been enough high spots to be worthy of special note.  Things usually go quiet around now while we turn to butterflies and spiders and flowers waiting for fall migration to start – a bit of diversity is a good thing.

What we should be doing right now is bending over with sore backs harvesting pounds and buckets of blackcurrants form the bushes in the garden but the cool and wet weather has meant that the crop is delayed.  Plenty of large fat currants but many barely started to ripen yet – I count on these for my Vit C intake each year so they’d better buck up and do their stuff before the mildew and Robins take them all.  A good fruit to grow hereabouts.  Blackcurrants relish the cold winters, in fact they need (I forget the number but it’s a lot) days below zero in winter to form fruiting buds and that they get here in spades – a bit of hot sun would be nice at the moment however.  The rhubarb was good a few weeks ago – some consolation.