A Service to Friends of My Age

We are none of us getting any younger, as we all know only too well. Some problems have simply solutions however and I thought, as a service to you all, I would make brief mention of Birkenstock’s sandals and shoes.

I have an incipient bunion on my right foot and when it plays up it is damnably painful – not much to do other than hobble along being “brave”. I discovered that regular wearing of sandals from Birkenstock (herinafter Birkies) pretty well eliminates the pain and is a lot cheaper than podiatrist prescribed insoles that usually are little use at all and always expensive. After a couple of months I realised that the bunion was no longer troubling me at all. After six months I woke up to the realisation that several other aches and pains of the ageing skeleton that cause pain in knees and hips and that I’d just written off as old age stuff you cannot do much to alleviate, were similarly just not being suffered from any longer. Since adopting daily Birkie exposure I don’t think I have had issues with any of those pains at all. Maybe the benefit happened sooner but it’s hard to spot an absence of something if you are not looking for it.

Better still, on visiting a specialist Birkie shop in Montreal I found that no longer are they just a sandal maker – today they also make decent regular shoes and have insoles for all the other makes of shoes you have in the closet but no longer wear because they are not comfortable. The insoles are especially effective in hiking boots and shoes.

So there you are – pains in the limbs and feet, try the the products of the good Germans at Birkie. Give it a try, you’ll be the coolest geezer on the block – like me.