Earlier this year, just in time for spring, I completed an early version of my book 1001 Species: A Natural History of a Small Town and offered it to the public as free PDF download. It enjoyed moderate success in the very small and rather niche market it was offered to and a gratifying number of copies have been downloaded over the summer.

But is was an early version and there were typos – also know as correctable errors. Sorry about that, but it was free 🙂 … in fact it is still free if you can live with a few typos.

Finally (not exactly in time for the Christmas market) the typos have been tracked down by Eagle-eyed J, an updated version produced and it is now available not only as a downloadable PDF file but also in a PRINT (-on demand) edition.

Find out all about it and how to obtain a copy from the book’s website at https://1001species.ca

** On the 29 September I will be presenting and discussing this Natural History at the Baie-D’Urfé Library – come and meet me.

 – The price of the finished and polished and printed version has been kept as low as possible and is charged to readers at cost + a couple of dollars – any small profits will be donated to local conservation organisations.

I am not taking any personal profit.