It is very hot and humid this week and this evening we added Baltimore Oriole to the garden year list which now stands at 63 species since January first. I have been told of a nearby Merelin’s nest which I hope to get to see in the next day or two.

A friend up the road has a large quantity of rocks in her garden to dispose of and so the last couple of nights I have been barrowing huge weights between out two houses as we have plans for using rocks … not the same plans, we have to reach a mutual plan, but plans nevertheless. Fortunately, our garden is down hill from the source – I honestly don’t think I could barrow this weight up hill.

Relaxing on the deck afterwards and beginning to think about cold drinks, we looked up and saw Chimney Swifts flying back and forth high up in the insectosphere while in the corner of the garden a couple of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds were having a hissy-fit with each other. very aggressive little bundles of fluff are Hummers. Later yet, we were entranced to watch one of the Hummers deleiberately seeking out and flying in and hovering in the strong spray from a watering system we were using to wet the potatoe and blackcurrent beds – he seemed to be having a whale of a time.