Really this has been a dreadful week for the gardening-inclined. On Monday we had beautiful deep and fluffy snow and temperatures down in the minus-twenties. Nice to look at and the sky was blue but not gardening weather beyond getting out the shovel and digging paths through the snow to clear access to the bird feeders where the customers were sitting in nearby shrubs shouting “get on with it”.

But temperatures started to rise by Thursday, the clouds rolled and water started dripping from the eaves. By Friday we up to plus six, snow was melting and a thick mist shrouded most of the garden and the surrounding area. The promise for Saturday is a rapid fall in temperature again with a heavy snow fall (which will sit on top of ice) and nights down to minus 25 by Monday.

So not much garden news to cheer our readers with. Even the birds are being affected despite our copiously filled feeders. The year list for the garden has not passed ten yet and the Carolina Wrens have not put in an appearance since new year’s eve … hope they are still alive.

The mist in the garden was thick enough but did not photograph especially well so the picture below this journal entry is from the small park about 100 yards down the road. You will get the idea.

The early week snow shovelling was healthy exercise.

Oh yes – and the garden has been accorded the status of “Certified Wildlife friendly Habitat” by Parks Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Federation … which all sounds rather spiffy but I suspect it’s quite hard not be awarded that designation once you have paid the $10 application fee and filled out their questionnaire. Or maybe I’m just a cynic – it’s this see-saw temperature variation getting to me.

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All in a day’s work

Digging access to the bird feeders