Hi – I`m a young Redwinged Blackbird hoping to grow up and have flashy epaulets …..

Been a quiet period for the last couple of weeks culminating yesterday in the surgical amputation of a couple of toes from Princess Pushy the Fenland cat resulting from the discovery of a rapidly growing tumour (diagnosis awaited) – she is now home again and in full appetite catch-up mode. They make ’em tough on the fens.

Meanwhile, supper this evening was enlivened by the appearance of a Flycatcher in the garden – but which variety? Empidonax spp. are devilishly hard to identify – could be a Least Flycatcher and we have had convincingly strong evidence brought to our attention that it could be a Yellow-breasted Flycatcher. Tricky little buggers – if based on nothing else than the fact that Leasts have visited before I think we’ll go with that for now but keep the question mark in place.